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There's more to LIFE than you think

and so much about


and that gift and ability

you always knew you had

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Don't you know the question?

Dare to ask...

and find out why and how

to get to where you belong

FOREVER offers ancient wisdom reloaded
with insight, spiritual freedom and vision without dogma


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Watch this space for updates, the new platform is coming along nicely. I will post details ASA. And will get a great makeover, too....

The Power of Change

Been far too busy, again, so here comes a little update: as hinted previously, quite wonderful things are happening and it looks very much like that...

What is Goodity?

  • The meaning of Goodity is proactively earning thus deserving an enjoyable, successful life of love and prosperity by focusing mental and physical energies on what needs to be done in and for this world and far beyond.

  • It is not enough to simply abstain from doing wrong; to create a life of prosperity you must be prepared to do what it takes to gain Destiny’s respect and to be beneficial to yourself and others. I call that enviable state of awareness, Goodity.

  • You have unique talents and passions. You can reach that place of clarity, where and when you could finally be happy with and involved in your endeavours that every day is filled with purpose and joy and time is, almost, forced to stand still.

  • On you can begin your journey. Find insights into how to overcome self-defeating thoughts. Discover your passions. Use your talents. Make your own way and the lives of those around you immeasurably better.


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Even More Goodity


Visitors to the virtual islands of will find resources and incentives to pursue positive changes in their lives, to benefit body, mind and spirit.

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Goodity gives broadminded, thoughtful encouragement to think and live independently, enriched by wisdom from ancient cultures and present-day enlightenment.

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Discover real-world suggestions for improving your life, your career and your relationships. Positively inspire and lead by example for the benefit of your circle.

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Feel is about appreciating life in its amazing splendour. Take your part in the great cycle of the power of true kindness and combat fear and negativity.  

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